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Trade in, Trade up!

Stihl Shop trade in trade up with MasportThe Great Masport Trade-In Trade-Up is back again and it’s time to upgrade! Trade-In your old, tired lawnmower for a brand new Masport mower.

At Masport, we understand that every lawn is different. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of lawnmowers to suit any lawn. Click here to find out where to buy your next Masport mower.


Masport offers a selection of mowers tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and budget that will help you create your perfect lawn. Masport mowers are full of features and are designed with the latest technology. Our lawnmowers are high performing and built to last. 

Handle Lift System

The Handle Lift System makes it easy for you to quickly access the catcher (or Smartchute® system). Th only thing you need to do is step on the foot pedal and lift the handle, it’s that easy! Once the handle is back to the operating position, it will lock in firmly allowing for responsive handling. The Handle Lift System reduces storage space too!

handle lift AU.jpg


Mow without the catcher and avoid sloppy grass clumps. The Masport patented Smartchute® will side discharge a tidy spread of clippings as you mow to leave your lawn looking spectacular. All you need to do is engage this exclusive feature and start mowing.



A new development in lawn mowing technology means that your lawnmower can do more than just cut the grass. With our additional chipper blade, you can now shred branches up to 35mm in diameter turning them into useful mulch. As branches are chipped, the chips are fed back into the catcher so you can put the mulch to use in your garden or compost.