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HS 87 T

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The STIHL HS 87 T petrol-driven hedge trimmer has a gearbox specially designed for high speeds. The high blade speeds of up to 5,100 strokes/minute enable very fine cuts. This makes this hedge trimmer particularly well-suited to trimming hedges and shrubs. Professionals in horticulture, landscaping and local authorities have the ideal tool for vertical and horizontal cuts when trimming hedges.

The high-torque STIHL 2-MIX engine and single-sided cutting blades facilitate high cutting performance. Two-handed operation via the control handle together with the handle ensures you can work safely with the STIHL HS 87 T. This means that you have the STIHL HS 87 T in an ergonomically favourable position for every horizontal and vertical cut. The stop button enables you to restart the engine immediately after an interruption to your work. The STIHL catcher plate for hedge trimmers collects cuttings directly on the blade of your STIHL HS 87 T, making your work easier.

The STIHL anti-vibration system enables you to work comfortably even during long periods of use. It absorbs engine vibrations and protects your muscles and joints. The STIHL HS 87 T has a tool-free fuel cap so that you can top up fuels such as operating fluids such as petrol or oil as quickly as possible when necessary.

The STIHL HS 87 T petrol-driven hedge trimmer has a bar length of 75 cm.