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MSA 120 C-B Kit

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The MSA 120 C-B delivers a real-world cutting experience. Cutting up to 100 logs on a single charge*, it’s light weight, easy to use and comes fitted with all STIHL standard safety features, such as the Swiss made chain from our specialist factory. This compact battery powered chainsaw is the result of 90 years of constant development, ground-breaking innovations and real world application. With STIHL quick chain tensioning and QuickStop Super chain brake, 1/4” PM3 saw chain for a fine cut and good cutting performance, this model is quiet, meaning no ear protection is needed.

Price includes battery and charger.

*Performance example usage when sawing Birch timber (10x10 cm blocks) with AK 20 Battery.

STIHL Oilomatic saw chain pitch/type Picco Micro 3 (PM3)
Rated voltage V 36
Weight kg 1) 2.5
Oil tank volume cm 3 110
Vibration value, left m/s ² 2) 3.4
Vibration value, right m/s ²2) 3.2
Rollomatic E, cutting length cm 30
Bar length " 12
Power output s 30
Saw chain pitch 1/4"P
Battery life AK 10 min 3) up to 15
Battery AK 20 min 3) up to 35
  • 1) Without battery, with bar and chain
  • 2) K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2m / s ²
  • 3) Battery life times are approximate and may vary depending on application