ROVER - Pro Cut 910 BBC Lawnmower

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Huge 196cc Rover OHV engine, with ample power to mow through tall and wet grass without bogging down.
53cm (21") strengthened alloy deck, ideal for big backyards with less passes required to finish the job.
Essential features include a large 65L polymer catcher with fill indicator, variable throttle, 4 high lift swing back blades, and mulching capability.
Less weight compared to self propelled models makes the Pro Cut 910 perfect for tradies or homeowners who simply want the biggest and strongest mower, with less effort required to lift and move.

Advanced blade brake safety system
 stops the blades when the operator walks away (to empty the catcher etc), while the engine keeps running.  This feature makes the Pro Cut 910 safe to use around kids/pets etc.  
This feature is also great when walking accross gravel paths/driveways, going up steps etc where moving blades would be a hazard.

SKU 11A-F2R6333
Engine 196cc Rover Engine
Deck 53cm (21") strengthened alloy deck
Safe Stop Engine Break Yes
Blades 4 swing back blades for superior cutting & catching
Catcher 65L Plastic polymer
Mulch Plug Yes
Deck Wash Yes
Self Propelled No
Key Start No
Wheels 24cm (9") ball bearing wheels for improved manoeuvrability
Warranty Engine 5 Year domestic, 90 day commercial.
Warranty Unit 5 Year domestic, 90 day commercial.